August 12, 2005

Engineers in Training Unveil Inventions

Lubbock’s newest crop of engineers in training got a chance to showcase their skills during ‘Parent Day’ of Engineering Camp, a program hosted by the Center for Engineering Outreach at Texas Tech University.

Designed for students entering the fifth and sixth grades, Engineering Camp is an exciting, hands-on day camp that introduces kids to math, science and technology as they discover engineering. Working with Texas Tech students, kids learn what engineers do and how engineering affects our world through a variety of experiments and activities.

After a crash course in engineering fundamentals, students were given a week-long project that incorporated math and science fundamentals with a lot of creative problem solving.

The challenge was simple: Build an engineering contraption that keeps a marble rolling for the longest amount of time. But as the kids presented their projects to parents and staff from Texas Tech, it was clear that the results were anything but simplistic.

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