March 8, 2006

Center Receives Funding from Halliburton

Recognizing a continued commitment to K-12 engineering outreach, Halliburton has awarded the Center for Engineering Outreach $25,000 in foundation funding to continue the center’s outreach efforts.

“We are proud of the work that the center and the College of Engineering are doing in K-12 schools with underrepresented students,” said Arlene Velazquez, Manager of University Relations for Halliburton. “On behalf of the Halliburton Foundation, it is my pleasure to present this gift as a show of ongoing support for your programs.”

Funding from the award will be used to enrich the center’s Pre-college Engineering Academy and develop new outreach endeavors. Past awards have been instrumental in supporting the center’s Engineering Outreach Mentors - students that visit local K-12 schools to help facilitate engineering concepts and mentor K-12 students.

“Halliburton continues to be a strong partner in our K-12 engineering outreach efforts,” remarked John Chandler, Ph.D., a director of the Center for Engineering Outreach. “We appreciate Halliburton’s gift, but we are more grateful for the many other ways that Halliburton continues to show their support for the important work we do.”

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