May 10, 2006

Texas Space Grant Consortium Funds Center for Engineering Outreach Proposal

Highlighting a long-standing commitment to aero-science education, the Texas Space Grant consortium has awarded the Center for Engineering Outreach $15,000 to continue its development of space related curriculum for K-12 education.

This year’s series of grant awards focus on the consortium’s commitment to develop interdisciplinary space-related courses and curricula for both K-12 and undergraduate students. The Center for Engineering Outreach’s proposal was one of six grants funded for 2006.

“We’re thrilled by the announcement,” remarked John Chandler, Ph.D., a director of the Center for Engineering Outreach. “The Texas Space Grant Consortium’s annual grant program is competitive, and to have our proposal selected from those submitted from across the state brings important recognition and support to the work we’re doing at the Center for Engineering Outreach.”

The Center for Engineering Outreach’s proposal focuses on the development and dissemination of aero-science curriculum and educational resources for grades 6-12. Specifically, the center is interested in developing a rocketry and aero-science version of the Principles of Technology courses offered as part of the state of Texas’ common course catalog.

Chandler explained that developing aero-science courses at the middle school and high school levels builds directly on past successes the center has had at Estacado High School in Lubbock and Fredericksburg High School in Fredericksburg.

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