July 17, 2006

Texas Tech Announces New T-STEM Center

Texas Tech University, using a $1 million dollar grant, will create one of five regional T-STEM Centers to enhance science, technology, engineering and mathematics teaching as part of a state-wide effort to bridge the gap between high school and higher education.

T-STEM — Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — is a $71 million initiative designed to improve instruction and academic performance in science and math related subjects in Texas schools. T-STEM was developed by the Texas High School Project, a $261 million public-private initiative focused on increasing high school graduation and college enrollment rates in every Texas community.

“The T-STEM initiative focuses our efforts where they are needed most — in areas where there are a high number of disadvantaged students who are too often left in the shadows of opportunity,” Gov. Rick Perry said. “This initiative will help us close the science and math gap that exists in our schools today before it becomes a salary gap for tomorrow’s workers, and an opportunity gap for Texas families.”

Texas Tech sees T-STEM as an opportunity to address a serious gap in the math and science foundations of high school students.

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