December 14, 2011

United Supermarkets Gives $3M to Endow Scholarships

United Supermarkets announced a $3 million donation to the Texas Tech University System creating two new student scholarship programs at Texas Tech University and supporting a growing nursing program at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center.

The gift is the second-largest financial gift in the history of the Texas-based, family-owned chain of grocery stores. In 1996, United Supermarkets gave $10 million to Texas Tech University to support the construction of the United Spirit Arena, a 15,000 seat entertainment and athletic venue that hosts commencement ceremonies, concerts and Texas Tech University basketball and volleyball games.

“We are grateful for everything this institution means to this area,” said Matt Bumstead, co-president of United Supermarkets and a fourth-generation member of the ownership family. “This is a great opportunity for us to stand with Texas Tech and to stand up for what we think matters.”

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