December 23, 2021

Expanded Radiation Oncology Building Brings Latest Radiation Treatment to Cancer Fight

Advancing cancer care, UT Southwestern Medical Center recently opened a new addition to Radiation Oncology services. With more than 71,000 square feet, the expansion includes more patient care spaces, innovative technology, and the latest approach to radiation treatment.

Called adaptive therapy, the new technique represents a paradigm shift for radiation oncology. Patients are scanned before treatment using real-time, high-resolution medical imaging. This allows technicians to update the treatment plan based on the patient’s anatomy and tumor size on the day of treatment instead of using images that can be weeks old. The up-to-date imaging is combined with additional sensors to guide treatment, allowing health care professionals to precisely target the delivery of radiation and adjust to minor movements such as breathing.

Bringing the combined space of UT Southwestern’s Radiation Oncology facility to more than 130,000 square feet, the expansion houses an array of machines that enable health care professionals to treat a wide range of cancers at one convenient location. In addition to more than a dozen advanced imaging/treatment machines that include a brachytherapy suite, Xstrahl treatment machine, and a GammaPod treatment machine for treating breast cancer, the building adds exam rooms, patient support rooms, two children’s areas, and a cafeteria.

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