Texas Tech University System

Proposal Presentation Jacket

Packaging donor proposals for maximum impact

Transformational philanthropic opportunities deserve one-of-a-kind packaging. Premium finishes and a sophisticated design helped create a custom presentation jacket that delivered an impressive unveiling experience for principal gift donors.


Proposals exceeding six figures are a significant opportunity to fund scholarships, endow programs and construct buildings that have generational impact. Reimagining how these proposals are presented to donors, this custom folder delivered a heightened donor experience for the Texas Tech University System’s principal gift solicitations.

A restrained approach to design led to a neutral package appropriate for programs and giving opportunities across the spectrum of university departments. The proposal jacket was created with embossed foil on Neenah's Classic Techweave paper. In every dimension, the proposal jacket’s design created tension and contrast to maximize the vividness of the experience. The sleekness of the matte label countered the dimensionality of the embossing and the textured paper. The luster and design of the embossed logo created tension with the uncoated paper stock.

More than two dozen design directions were explored before arriving at the folder’s final form factor. We considered extendability in order to accommodate proposals of varying thicknesses. We explored symmetrical and asymmetrical flap designs. We researched closure methods that included adhesives, magnets and string-and-button closures before settling on the simplicity on the self-closing tab.

View of the proposal presentation jacket's notched opening that reveals the title of the enclosed proposal
Interior view of the presentation jacket

Echoing the experience of opening a gift, we wanted to underscore the opportunity inherent in a gift proposal by inviting the donor to unwrap the document. From lifting the flap to reveal and subsequently remove the proposal, the document provides multiple points of donor engagement.

With its multi-scored flap, the folder accommodates proposals of varying lengths or multiple copies. Inside, the custom notched pocket reveals the donor’s name while obfuscating the cover’s design, inviting interaction and exploration as the donor removes the proposal.

Sample proposal shown with the proposal presenation jacket
Sample proposal with presentation jacket

A digitally-printed, crack-and-peel label accompanies each proposal jacket. Personalized with the name of the donor and the beneficiary department, the label individualizes each piece while preserving the opportunity for the folder to be produced at scale. The wrap-around label continues onto the back cover, creating another branding opportunity without incurring additional production costs.

Front and back covers of the proposal presentation jacket showing the wrap-around label
Proposal presentation jacket front and back covers with wrap-around label

For added dimensionality, each label is hand embossed with the university’s logo before being affixed. The black foil embossed cover is designed to surround the logo, allowing it to lie flat.

Close up view of the hand-embossed detail on the proposal presentation jacket label
Detail view of the hand-embossed label

Overall the piece delivers a luxurious and tactile experience while still showing restraint, resulting in a package that impresses without overshadowing its contents. Multiple customization details allow each proposal to reflect the identity of the department making the solicitation, while ensuring that the overall piece can take advantage of larger scale production methods to lower unit costs.

Proposal presentation jacket shown with an accompanying proposal
Proposal presentation jacket with an accompanying proposal


The combined proposal and presentation jacket provided a high level of execution that was met with enthusiasm from donors and development professionals. While anecdotal feedback was overwhelmingly positive, the piece also delivered on business goals, contributing to successful principal gift strategies evaluated by return on investment.


Artie Limmer



Gold Circle of Excellence Award, Design: Single Sheet Publications

Council for Advancement and Support of Education 2020

Silver Award, Sales Kit

American Advertising Federation, Tenth District 2020

Silver Award, Design: Special Pieces

Council for Advancement and Support of Education, District IV 2020

Gold Award, Sales Kit

American Advertising Federation, Lubbock Chapter 2020